Tufia beach and hamlet in east Gran Canaria Tenerife, Canario, Nightlife Travel, Canary Islands

Playa de Tufia. Telde. Gran Canaria Canario, Glacier, Newyear, Spain, Outdoor, Places To Visit

Present-day Tufia, one of the eight Telde beaches, faces a less romantic future. Authorities have deemed the houses of the settlement illegal as they look to gentrify Gran Canaria's warts-and-all coastline. To get there, turn off the GC-1 at the El Goro junction and follow the wooden signpost to Tufia, a sheltered cove which neighbours the.

Tufia beach and hamlet in east Gran Canaria Tenerife, Canario, Nightlife Travel, Canary Islands

We will visit one of the most impressive caves in Gran Canaria: Cuatro Puertas, as well as Ingenio and Tufia, a genuine fishing village that has been inhabited for more than 1,000 years. This is a private excursion, maximum 6 passengers, to one of the most photographied spot in Gran Canaria, but also Off the beaten track spots.

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Gran Canaria 7 Beauty Small Group Tour with Tapas-Picnic Included. 9. Full-day Tours. from . $105.75. I heard about tufia beach from the internet,and we went there to check out after got bored in the touristic beaches,the place is really stunning with a peculiar architecture and narrow streets,dark sand a tinny beach but really beautiful.

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Playa de Tufia Viewpoint. This beach is considered a cove, and stretches out for some 40 metres. It is south facing and is sheltered from the prevailing winds thanks to the rocky headland called Morro de Tufia (or the Tufia Peninsula). It has some very attractive sea beds for diving enthusiasts. "The name Tufia itself oozes the essence of a.

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Tufia es uno de esos lugares escondidos en Gran Canaria perfecto para darse un baño, dar un pequeño paseo por el pueblecito y, en definitiva, pasar el día. Resguardado y casi oculto en el municipio de Telde es el lugar perfecto para descubrir un trocito más de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria más profunda.

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una pequeña sorpresa en Gran Canaria. Es pequeñita y discreta, en uno de esos rincones de la geografía insular de Gran Canaria que podría pasar desapercibido, pero ¡si la descubres no la podrás olvidar! La playa de Tufia está situada en el municipio de Telde muy cerca del aeropuerto, pero se oculta discretamente a un lado de la autovía.

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Gran Canaria Beaches: Tiny Tufia. Tufia hamlet is famous for it's existential battle against the Spanish government. Its beach, tiny as it is, is the headquarters of resistance. Little more than a cluster of whitewashed houses by the sea, Tufia is far more shabby than chic and only has a chiringuito bar during the summer.


Cómo llegar a la Playa de Tufia. Para acceder a la playa, vengas del sur o de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, tienes que tomar la salida de El Goro (nº 13). Una vez dentro debes buscar la señalización marrón con el nombre Tufia. El cartel es muy pequeño y quizá no está tan visible como debiera, por lo que conduce despacio.

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Calm, clear waters full of life. The descent is gentle. From a depth of 6 or 7 metres we can access a small cave where large clownfish, Pacific cleaner shrimps, octopuses and even black stingrays rest. Skirting the reef we can see large shoals of bogas, Canary damsels, grunts and cuttlefish, among others. Depth.

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Gran Canaria 7 Beauty Tour para grupos pequeños con tapas y picnic incluido. 9.. pesquero tan bonito de casitas blancas y casas cuevas tan típicas de la isla para ver la zona arqueológica poblado de Tufia lugar histórico, tuvimos mala suerte porque el museo estaba cerrado, no por horarios si no porque la persona encargada de abrir se.

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Tufia | Gran Canaria Divers. +34 602 402 538. email. English. Dive sites > East Gran Canaria > Tufia. Created by a volcano eruption, this is an incredible place. Lava, when cooled down by the ocean, has created various caves and structures underwater. The area is full of life as caves offer home for various fishes.

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Tufia Beach in Gran Canaria: Information, Webcam, Weather and Map. Tufia Beach is a real fortress for those who love beaches away from the crowds of tourists, the crowds, the noise, the hustle and bustle. If what you are looking for is to lose yourself in a small cove submerged in a fishing village where there are barely a hundred inhabitants.

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Gran Canaria has a lot of paradisiacal beaches with a special charm that tempt visitors to discover their favourite spot! That's what Tufia beach could be. Tufia is a small, charming and hidden beach in the east part of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of Telde. It's a magical beach that stands out for its cared environment and its local.

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If there is one thing Gran Canaria has to offer, it is the possibility of finding those paradisiacal beaches with a special charm that tempt visitors to stay forever. This is exactly what Tufia beach is like, in the municipality of Telde, a charming and relatively hidden spot, with that unique essence of the island's fishing villages.. Set on a volcanic cone, this little village of Telde.

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Mirador Playa de Tufia. Se considera una "cala", con una longitud aproximada de 40 metros, orientada al sur y al socaire de los vientos predominantes gracias al promontorio rocoso llamado Morro de Tufia (o Península de Tufia). Tiene unos fondos marinos muy interesantes para la práctica del submarinismo. " Tufia, incluso en su toponimia.

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Tufia Beach is located in the municipality of Telde, on the southeast of Gran Canaria. This is a small beach with calm waters and black volcanic sand. Usually there aren't many people on this beach. It's easy to spot some local fishermen on this beach as it's naturally sheltered from strong currents and waves.